Destructive Tendencies

  • Naam Mick Ormerod & Joseph McHugh
  • Land Verenigd Koninkrijk
  • Verjaardag 8 oktober, 12 maart
  • Label Masters of Hardcore
  • Boekingen Most Wanted DJ
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Wild, explosive and rebellious, Destructive Tendencies are unquestionably one of Hardcore’s most esteemed acts. Hailing from The United Kingdom and armed with sonic weaponry, this iconic duo immediately marked their territory in Hardcore’s epicentre, The Netherlands.

Their meteoric rise to prominence is impressive to say the least, as Destructive Tendencies have struck gold with their perceptible sound that consists of high tempos, relentless vibes and maximum drive!

Liable for creating some of Hardcore’s most renowned modern hits, these down-to-Earth lads have released iconic tunes such as “Sound Becomes One” with Partyraiser, “Against All The Odds” (Harmony of Hardcore 2016 anthem) and their official Masters of Hardcore anthem “The Skull Dynasty.”

Shooting into the future with a ‘full tank’ of adrenaline, the guys are ready to tackle new solos, collabs and kick-ass performances!