• Naam Daniel Schulze
  • Land Duitsland, Germany
  • Verjaardag 31 mei
  • Label None
  • Boekingen Footworxx

Detest is a Hardcore producer from Leipzig Germany. He is producing and live performing since 2005 and released more than 20 records, including a double vinyl album.

He released on some big labels in the scene: PRSPCT, Hong Kong Violence, Brutale, Heresy, Deathchant, Rebelscum and Strike Records…

His style is one of the most unique styles in the scene. It’s a combination of industrial crossbreed uptempo. He played already all over the world, in places like Moscow, Tokyo, Sydney, Paris, London, Rome…

He is also since years an established name on almost all big hardcore events and festivals like: Dominator, Q-Base, Decibel outdoor, Defqon.1, Ground Zero, PRSPCT XL and Footworxx. Everybody who already saw him during his sets knows how much energy and happiness he spreads.

Walk with him, Rave on!