10 reasons why you can’t miss Hardshock Festival 2019

Shenna van der Velden
By Shenna van der Velden

The summer is coming and the festival season has finally started. Hardshock Festival will return in June at a brand new location after one year of absence. Besides that, they did everything they could to program a big and hard line-up. That is why we listed 10 reasons why you can’t miss this edition. 

1. Hardshock Festival returns after one year of absence

Earlier the organization had to cancel Hardshock Festival 2018 due to political issues, but fortunately they have found a solution which will bring the festival back this year. Only a few nights of sleep before you can go wild at the hardcore event. This year the doors will open at 10:30 hours, so this means: wake up, make yourself ready, eat a little bit and go! The event ends at a reasonable time which is at 23:00 hour, but this means that you will have enough time for an after party. Because what is a festival without an after party anyway? “Prepare yourself for Hardshock Festival 2019!”

2. Grand line-up with more than 100 artists divided over 6 areas

Over the past few years Hardshock Festival has provided visitors with a great line-up. Also this year they invited the biggest artists: they have more than 100 artists divided over 6 areas with music genres such as mainstream hardcore, uptempo, frenchcore, terror and many more. These styles are represented by artists such as Angerfist LIVE, Deadly Guns, Dr. Peacock and Drokz. You don’t want to miss this, do you? Check out the full timetable right here. 

Hardshock Festival

3. Party and get a tan at the same time

Hardshock Festival is very blessed by the weather: 25 degrees! This means you can jump all day in the sun and you will get a tan at the same time. But it is very important to protect yourself with sunscreen, because before you know, you are burned and as red as a lobster. This is the perfect festival weather, right?

4. Get ready for the album showcase of Nosferatu

Many fans were very excited when the album Approach to Midnight of Nosferatu was released. After the release Nosferatu had to recover for a while due to a kidney transplantation. “Give me 1 or 2 months to fully recover. After that I will be at the stages again to blow you away”, according to Erwin. Fortunately, we can find Nosferatu behind the turntables again for example at Hardshock Festival with his album showcase.

5. Big live-acts of artists such as Angerfist and Noisekick

There will also be loads of live-acts at the festival, from artists such as Angerfist, Guerillas, Noisekick, The Destroyer, M4LEFiK and many others. There will be live-acts at every stage, so get your walking shoes out of the closet and prepare yourself for all the laps you are going to walk.

6. AniMe is responsible for the anthem this year and will come with a very special set

No one less than the female hardcore DJ AniMe is responsible for this years anthem. The new track was released a while ago and it definitely make sure that you get ready for Hardshock Festival. She is also going to play at the mainstage with a very special set. According to AniMe: “I am glad High Energy Events thought of me to represent their festival with my music!”

7. There will be a 7th area with exclusive and special performances

The organization has a very special surprise, besides the 6 others areas there will be a 7th area especially for the first 1000 ticket buyers. They have access to ‘The Shock Room’: an area with exclusive and special performances. A couple of these performances are: PRSPCT XTRM LIVE, special set by Lenny Dee, N-Vitral and Hyrule War.

8. A brand new unique location: Hellendoorn woods

This year the festival will take place at a brand new ultimate hardcore location: the woods of Hellendoorn. Every hardcore fan probably shares the opinion that hardcore in a forest fit perfectly together because of the unique atmosphere it creates. According to the organization, they are going to make something beautiful of it.

Hardshock Festival

9. You can’t start early enough: 16+ event

Most of you will have experienced it at their 16th or 17th, bringing someone else’s ID or having a fake ID in order to be able to go to that one party! You couldn’t wait until you finally turned 18 to go legally to the event, but that is not a problem now. Hardshock Festival is 16+ and this means that you don’t have to look back at all the pictures and movies with a bad feeling. But always bring a valid ID with you!

10. “Brace yourselves for a Hardshock Festival experience unlike any other!”

Hardshock Festival will return this year harder than ever before, so get your tickets now. Tickets only cost €39,50 (ex. fee), so you have to work a few hours and you will have it all together.

These are some of the many reasons why you can’t miss Hardshock Festival. Tickets are going fast so get yours now. For tickets and more information you go to the official website of the event. 

Photo by Facebook-page Hardshock Festival 

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