10 reasons why you can’t miss Phoenix Festival

Bob Ligthart
By Bob Ligthart

Phoenix Festival is preparing itself for the second edition and this time it’s returning with the theme Rebels of the Road. Just like last time, there are two hardcore stages where DJs of different styles of hardcore will play. We listed 10 reasons that show why you can’t miss this year’s Phoenix Festival.

1. Brand new location

Last year, Phoenix Festival took place at the Vorstengrafdonk in Oss and for the second edition the event moves to De Rekken in Nuland. So the festival terrain is shifting a bit, but it still will be near by the old location. You can still reach it well and the car park gets an upgrade this year to make it more accessible for the visitors.

2. Big line-up with 30+ hardcore acts

There are more than 60 artists in total who will perform at Phoenix Festival and about the half of it are hardcore DJs. The different styles in this genre are well represented with artists like Noisekick, Deadly Guns, Partyraiser and Sefa. So it doesn’t matter if you like hardcore, uptempo, frenchcore or terror.

3. Two hardcore stages

Just like last year, there are two hardcore stages again and because of that you always have the choice between multiple acts. Chapter 02 and Chapter 03 will be filled with hardcore DJs who are trying to wreck the place for the entire day. The big hardcore tent of the previous edition will be back this year and the smaller stage is going to be an outdoor area this year.

4. Dr.Peacock and Sefa at the mainstage

During the previous edition, there were only raw hardstyle DJs who played at the mainstage. The organization has decided to get a little harder at this area, since it asked Dr.Peacock and Sefa to perform at this stage. So there are three stages where hardcore will blow through the speakers at The Hardest Outdoor Festival.

5. More N-Vitral and F.Noize

There’s great news for the N-Vitral and F.Noize fans, since these artists aren’t playing once, but twice during Phoenix Festival. They will be performing on both hardcore stages and that’s how you can go wild two times with the tracks of these big names. You also have another chance to visit a set if you do miss one of the two performances.

6. GPF hosting with two new, crazy shows

GPF is besides the enormous hard tracks also known for it’s remarkable performances at festivals. This year, they take over one stage of Phoenix Festival where they will perform multiple shows. The masked act is also coming with two brand new shows: ‘The Brunch Munch’ and ‘Bubble Trouble’. So prepare yourself for the high BPM and let loose during this sexy hosting.

7. Party around the clock

The doors of Phoenix Festival will open at 12:00 and they are closing half a day later at 00:00. So you  don’t have to wait long, since you can go early to the festival and party for twelve hours. The event ends at a reasonable time and because of that you’ve plenty of time to be at an afterparty or to get a good nap.

8. The Hardest Outdoor Festival

Phoenix Festival isn’t calling itself The Hardest Outdoor Festival for no reason, since it’s a full day of going wild at every stage. Raw hardstyle is the less hardest style that can be heard at the event and this isn’t something you see often at a outdoor event. Because of that, the BPM at Phoenix Festival is really high compared to a normal festival.

9. Fly back and forth at the bumper car stage

The lovers of the bumper car stage can go to the raw area this year. It’s no option to stand still here, since the floor goes up and down the entire day due to all the people that go crazy. This ensures a very good atmosphere by which everybody is dancing through each other and it doesn’t care when you bump into someone accidentally.

10. Go wild with the Rebels of the Road

Many fans got there before you, since Phoenix Festival – Rebels of the Road is sold out for 80%. Meanwhile, the regular sale has started and those tickets cost €44,95.

So there are enough reasons to join the brotherhood of Phoenix Festival. The second edition takes place on the 11th of May at De Rekken in Nuland and there are still tickets available. For more information or tickets of the festival, go to the website of the event.

Photo by Facebook page Phoenix Festival

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