10 reasons why you should visit Resonate 2018 – Hardcore Classics

Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

17 November marks the date for the very first edition of Resonate, which is all about the classics in hardcore music. To give you a small insight of what you can expect at this event, we went looking for for 10 reasons why you shouldn’t miss the debut of Resonate.

1. Only 2005 – 2011 hardcore classics event

Back in 2005, hardcore started to get more evolved, after people had declared ‘gabber’ for dead. But a lot of infamous records – with that typical sound which we still play out loud today – were produced during this time. Until this day, there actually wasn’t an event in our scene which honored this period, so that’s why Resonate is a tribute to the hardcore legacy.

2. Angerfist presents ‘Mutilate’

The Mutilate album by Angerfist has an impressive list of iconic tracks and the entire set of the masked DJ will be dedicated to it during Resonate. If we name a few records of his second album – like ‘Bite Yo Style’, ‘Riotstarter’ and ‘In A Million Years’ – it will definitely make the heart of a hardcore lover pump a little faster. “I bite yo motherf*cking style!”

10 redenen waarom je Resonate niet mag missen Hardcore Classics

3. Festival times at an indoor location

Unlike other events, Resonate is a day time event: the doors are open from 13:30 in the afternoon, so you don’t have to wait all day to get the party started. At 01:00 at night, the last few kicks will resonate through the speakers of the venue, which means you’ll get back home in time. This way you are still able to spend your entire Sunday anyway you want!

4. Tickets are only 30 euro’s

An event which is all about the the sounds of the past, comes with an old fashioned price. Resonate keeps the entrance prices low, so are able to enjoy a bad ass line-up with a great sound system, but don’t have to dig deep into your budget. The early birds were sold out in to time and now the regular ticket sale has started. Get your Resonate tickets now for only €29,50.

5. Noize Suppressor returns with Sonar

Those who’ve visited parties back in the day (or who’ve watched tons of old video’s on YouTube) can definitely remember Noize Suppressor performing on his Sonar. Specially for Resonate, the eccentric Italian returns with his impressive instrument, which will be his first live performance on Sonar in years.

6. Enough space to go for a ‘hak’

The organization of Resonate knows how frustrating it can be when you get pushed around right at the moment when the beat is about to drop. They think it’s very important for you to shuffle your Air Max towards the ceiling, without kicking a fellow gabber into the head. By maintaining a maximum amount of tickets, you’re secured of having more than enough space to dance around.

7. Tha Playah: “Why So Serious..?”

If there’s one album which we still hear a lot today, then Walking The Line by Tha Playah is definitely one of them. That’s why Tha Playah – completely dressed as The Joker – will bring an oath to his timeless collection in the Autotron venue. “You wanna see badass, motherfucker? I’ll show you badass!”

8. Numerous of live acts

Besides the nine ‘normal’ one hour sets, a whopping amount of four acts will perform live during Resonate. With a special twist, artists like Endymion, Amnesys, Shadowlands Terrorists and (like we’ve mentioned before) Noize Suppressor will give their all in 30 minutes of time. Also no one less than Ophidian LIVE has been added to the line-up since the recent move to the Autotron!

9. All the big legends from the good old days

If you compare the line-up with those from present events, you’re able to see that these artists are standing at the top of the industry for many years. Take for example Neophyte, Mad Dog, Nosferatu and Evil Activities: all pioneers in hardcore music, who have released lots of legendary tracks for our scene. They all will be part of the hardcore classics event of course.

10. Only for the enthusiasts

Because Resonate is all about the hardcore classics, they will be lots of hardcore fanatics attending the event. People who share the same passion for the older sounds of hardcore and know every single beat of a track – just like you. It will create an excellent atmosphere throughout the venue, without a doubt.

Are you ready to honor the sounds that defined a generation? Get your tickets right here and join Resonate. See you on 17 November at the Autotron in Rosmalen!

Ophidian LIVE • Angerfist presents ‘Mutilate’ • Noize Suppressor presents ‘Sonar’ LIVE • Tha Playah presents ‘Walking the Line’ • Neophyte • Evil Activities • Endymion LIVE • Mad Dog • Amnesys LIVE • Nosferatu • Unexist • The Sickest Squad • Tommyknocker • Shadowlands Terrorists LIVE • Re-Style • MC Syco

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