10 reasons why you shouldn’t miss Resonate – Hardcore Classics

Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Only a few weeks to go and then Resonate will finally open its doors again for a day full of hardcore classics. An event with a golden twist, because it’s been a while since we were able to party – and that’s now possible again with the real hardcore from the past. So we’ve listed all the reasons why you really don’t want to miss Resonate – Empire of Elites.

1. The 1st major hardcore indoor event in a year and a half

The well-known pandemic has put quite a few interruptions in the agenda of the average gabber. In more than 18 months there has been almost nothing to do; only that one weekend during the extra edition of Harmony of Hardcore, but this one was sold out in no time too. Fortunately, almost everything is allowed again: Resonate is the very first large-scale hardcore indoor event on Saturday the 23rd of October – for which we had to wait so long for.

2. Nothing beats hardcore classics

Tastes differ, but there’s something magical about the hardcore of the past. Resonate is all about the era from about 2005 to 2011 and this millennium time has so much beauty in store. The piep kicks (and things like that) didn’t even exist yet and the hardcore of that time is not only cool, but also has a specific feeling. It’s as if all those old CDs (that you used to have in your car) pass by: pure nostalgia, but at one event.

3. A line-up to die for: starting with Angerfist ‘Retaliate’

It’s been exactly 10 years since Angerfist released his third album Retaliate, and this anniversary gets a special place on Resonate. After the release of this album in 2011 – with no less than 3 CDs and 45 tracks (!) – Angerfist once again pushed the boundaries worldwide and took the 39th position in the DJ Mag Top 100 for the first time. An impressive achievement, but when you put ‘Perfect Fury’, ‘Incoming’ and of course ‘The Voice of Mayhem’ together, you would simply know that this was a logical consequence. Epic and timeless tracks, which are still played a decade later, but are once again being put into the spotlights for an hour on Resonate by Angerfist.

4. The improved sound of the Autotron

Resonate is not only for enthusiasts, but also organized by enthusiasts. In recent years, Shockerz Events has listened carefully to the visitors in order to improve every edition. After the dancefloor has been given an extra anti-slip layer, the sound in the Autotron has now also been addressed. This has fulfilled a wish of many fans; you don’t just have to hear that bass, you have to feel it.

5. Many new faces at Resonate: Paul Elstak, Korsakoff and more heroes

Resonate has already seen many legendary performances: think for example of the live performance of Ophidian or the return of DJ D in 2019. Despite the fact that dozens of artists have already performed on this gigantic stage, the organization has no fewer than 6 hardcore heroes who will make their Resonate debut during the upcoming edition. With Paul Elstak and his famous ‘Offensive Hardcore’, Korsakoff and her memorable album ‘Pink Noise’, hardcore legend Catscan, Wasted Mind, Hellsystem and Alien T. Quite a list of names, who will finally play their classics again for thousands of visitors!

Resonate line-up

Alien T – Angerfist ‘Retaliate’ – Catscan – DJ D & Hellsystem ‘Hardcore Blasters’ – Korsakoff ‘Pink Noise’ – Nosferatu – Ophidian – Partyraiser ‘Time To Raise The Party’ – Paul Elstak ‘Offensive Hardcore’ – Promo – Tha Playah – The Viper ‘Nothing To Lose’ – Wasted Mind LIVE – MC Alee

6. Good location (with enough space to do some ‘hakken’)

We’ve just talked about the improved sound and dancefloor, but the Autotron has built up a reputation for even more reasons. It is right next to the highway, with more than enough parking space in front of the door and room for tour busses. It also offers a shuttle bus, which brings you back and forth from the railway station in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. In addition, a new ventilation system was installed not so long ago to keep the temperature under control and dance space was also taken into account. So ‘hakken’ is definitely possible!

7. Only dedicated fans like you

A lot of people don’t understand hardcore, and certainly not the hardcore of the past. If we estimate you this way, you can effortlessly name up the biggest tracks of the past. And where at some parties you feel like a walking Wikipedia of hardcore, you are not alone on Resonate. Only enthusiasts come to this hardcore classics event – which ensures an unprecedented atmosphere on the dance floor. Not just ‘one day flies’, but partygoers who have a heart for the old golden hardcore. Just like you.

8. Exclusive specials: from albums to live acts

We’ve already highlighted some of Resonate’s specials for you, but there’s even more waiting for you. The Viper also recently blew out ten candles for his album Nothing To Lose and Tha Playah and Nosferatu share a stage together for the first time. Furthermore, DJ D couldn’t get enough of his return in 2019, so he managed to get Hellsystem to bring the Hardcore Blasters back together during Resonate. And Wasted Mind is back again, with its first live set in over 5 years.

9. Resonate sold out every time, so don’t wait too long

The legacy of Resonate has already become quite impressive in a short period of time. Apparently the classics really stir something up in people. Before the first edition could even take place, the expanded again to the current location and this one also sold out. With all the reasons listed above, that also sounds quite logical and there is room for 8000 people. So don’t wait any longer, because it will soon be that time and it is already sold out for no less than 85%.

10. Time To Raise The Party!

We saved the closing for last. Because after the success of the previous edition, the demand for a classics set from Partyraiser was huge. In 2019 the atmosphere was unprecedented, with a set that stirred up dust. Partyraiser once again put an end to the endless discussion of who the track ‘Spook’ really is in a rock-solid 60-minute set: it has even been listened to more than 100,000 times. We are allowed again and so it’s time to raise the party.

Resonate – Empire of Elites will take place on Saturday the 23rd of October 2021 in the Autotron in Rosmalen. Tickets are already 85% sold, so be quick and go to the official website of the event for tickets and more info.

Footage taken from Facebook page Resonate

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