9 reasons why this will be the most epic Masters of Hardcore edition ever

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

This year it’s time for the 25th anniversary of the iconic event Masters of Hardcore. For this very special occasion the organisation will go all out, which makes it no surprise MOH will sell out very soon. These are 9 reasons why Magnum Opus will be the most epic MOH edition ever, and you should definitely still score your ticket! 

1. A milestone in the history of hardcore

In 2020 we will celebrate a true milestone in the history of hardcore: the 25th anniversary of Masters of Hardcore. For 25 years music lovers have united at this immense event, which is known for being the Valhalla to gabbers. As a true hardcore lover you just cannot miss this edition: Magnum Opus, the masterpiece of Masters of Hardcore.

2. Start with the exclusive pre-party

Especially for this anniversary edition the organisation will introduce a number of new experiences, among which the exclusive Masters of Hardcore pre-party. For a limited amount of visitors the Brabanthallen will open its doors 2 hours early, so you’ll get a head start on this legendary evening with 2 hardcore heavyweights.

Angerfist ‘Legacy’ set

During this set, Angerfist will take you on a journey from his very first hardcore tracks to his most recent masterpieces.

Deadly Guns presents ‘Hardcore Reloaded’

Deadly Guns will take you down memory lane with an exclusive set. Classic beats will be reloaded by the hand of the high speed hardcore king himself.

Masters of Hardcore 2020 redenen 1

3. 25 years of hardcore in the Magnum Opus Show

Completely in style of the anniversary, Masters of Hardcore will introduce ‘The Magnum Opus Show’ this year. During this brand new experience you’ll be taken on a journey through 25 years of hardcore music, with an ultimate mix of the greatest masterpieces to ever be created. Music lovers also play a big role within this new show, since they got to vote for this selection the last couple of months!

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4. Outblast: the Exclusive Resurrection

Another reason why Magnum Opus will enter the history books as one of the most epic Masters of Hardcore editions ever, is the one-time only return of hardcore legend Outblast. Especially for the 25th anniversary he will take place behind the decks one more time in the same place he said his goodbyes in 2017. This of course promises to be a true spectacle for ALL hardcore lovers!

Masters of Hardcore 2020 redenen 6

5. Complete spectrum of hardcore at 7 huge stages

During Masters of Hardcore you’ll be able to enjoy no less than 7 huge stages, which will offer the complete spectrum of hardcore music. From the Masters of Extreme Hardcore to the Masters of Frenchore, Early Hardcore, Millennium, Terror and more: well-known DJs such as Scarphase, The Sickest Squad, Neophyte and Drokz will together blast the very best of hardcore through the notorious Brabanthallen.

6. Anthem by none other than DJ Mad Dog

Masters of Hardcore has built quite the repertoire when it comes to iconic anthems, think about ‘The Voice of Mayhem’, ‘The Torment of Triton’, ‘The Conquest of Fury’, ‘Raiders of Rampage’ and of course ‘Vault of Violence’ from last year. For ‘Magnum Opus’ none other than DJ Mad Dog has been given the honor the create the anthem, which he will showcase at the mainstage supported by loads of fireworks.

7. An abundance of special live sets

During Magnum Opus you will have everything you could wish for as a hardcore lover, since there’s truly an abundance of special live sets waiting for you. Among others you’ll get to visit Evil Activities presents Evilution, Marc Acardipane LIVE and Descructive Tendencies presents ‘Nefarious’ LIVE, let alone the main… At this grand stage there are no less than 18 (!) epic live sets by Angerfist, Tha Playah, Korsakoff & many others waiting for you!

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8. Ten thousands of international lovers

For 25 years Masters of Hardcore has been visited by an immensely international audience. These ten thousands of visitors completely fill the Brabanthallen (and of course previous iconic locations like the Hemkade) each and every year with their grand passion for hardcore, which ensures an amazing atmosphere for each edition.

Masters of Hardcore 2020 redenen 5

9. “We have been making noise for years”

Masters of Hardcore is the ultimate embodiment of the hardcore genre. For years this event has been at the absolute top of the game, and in 2020 the 25th anniversary will once again shake up the Brabanthallen to its very foundations.

“For the past 25 years, we have been one with the hardcore scene. Year after year, we stood undivided with a devoted army of artists and loyal fans to show the strength and unity of our genre to the world. That ultimate level of dedication will be answered with a never seen before hardcore celebration.”

Masters of Hardcore 2020 – Magnum Opus will take place on the 28th of March in the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch. The very final tickets are still available via the official Art of Dance website, so move fast! 

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