A massive show with lots of new music: this was Angerfist – Creed of Chaos

Tamara Den Boer
By Tamara Den Boer

I’ve been looking forward to this for months: Angerfist – Creed of Chaos. With the release of the new album as its theme, there was no doubt that this would be a great party. The number one hardcore DJ (40th position in the DJ Mag Top 100) would play for almost six hours straight with fellow artists in a sold-out AFAS Live. The location of the former Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam is perfect to travel by public transport, so that’s what we did.

‘Welcome to The Creed of Chaos’

When we arrived it turned out that backpacks were not allowed inside the venue, so we had to walk to a tent filled with lockers because of this. It was well arranged though, but the downside was that you had to pay for it. This meant that you had to purchase two different lockers (outside and inside). But I understand that this was a demand from the venue itself. We continued our way, showed our tickets and passed the security control which all went quite smoothly. And so we began our Angerfist night.

angerfist creed of chaos party reportOnce inside the venue, we started looking for a locker. This was all clearly marked by several signs held by staff and hanging on the walls. After we dropped off our belongings, we decided to purchase our tokens. For €14,- you got a whopping amount of 7 tokens, but a bottle of water cost 3 tokens.

‘It’s motherf*cking game time!’

By this time we were all set and ready to party. Around 22:30 we walked onto the dancefloor where Furyan was playing as the second act of the night. It was still a bit quite, but the night was also still very young. Furyan played several tracks for the early birds like ‘Wie De Fok?’, ‘Killswitch’ and his collab with Angerfist ‘Hoax’.

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D-Fence had the honour to play the third set of the night to get the crowd going.. He opened with ‘Wazzup’, the collab with Sub Sonik. We positioned ourselves in the front-left side and the sound was definitely on point. Tracks like ‘Biem’, ‘Koekoek Jonghuh!’, ‘Breek de tent af’ and ‘Penta – Bassdrop’ pumped through the speakers. You could clearly see that the audience went wild an so we decided to walk for a bit when Furyan’s set was almost over.

Angerfist on fire

Suddenly it started to get noisy around us. It turned out that Angerfist was about to begin his first set at the party. We rapidly got back to the stage, where he had just started. The giant bask above the DJ booth slowly rose towards the sealing. While ‘Send Me To Hell’ resonated through the area, Angerfist entered the stage literally on fire. Meanwhile the lyrics of the track appeared on a huge screens and the lights and lasers were used in full force. Tracks like ‘Boomstick’ and ‘Incoming’ sounded unbelievably hard. Towards the end of his set the ‘Creed of Chaos’ anthem passed the revenue. Fireworks started to drip from the sealing, fountains on the stage and so many lasers that you didn’t even know where to look. The opening was, like we expected, filled with lasers, hard kicks, explosions and an Angerfist on fire.

After the live opening it was time to get some food. To paint the picture of the party, I’ll describe how everything was set-up during the event. Downstairs there was one big area where the party was held, surrounded by the hallway where you could find the lockers as well. In the back and sides were several drink and food stands with plenty of choice. Burgers, fries, lollipops and even M&M’s. There was also a stand where you could get some fruit, not too unimportant for an intense night like this one.

The toilets downstairs were quite crowded and so I avoided those. When you went up the stairs, there was a smoking area and more toilets available. After this there was a long stairway upstairs which led you to the grandstands. These were quite busy during the entire night.

“This is the Voice of Maaaayhem!”

When we finished our food, it was time to find our place on the dancefloor again. In the meantime Angerfist was performing together with The Goddess of Hardcore, Miss K8. They opened with the anthem for this year’s Syndicate: ‘Resolute Power’. Obviously records like ‘The Deadfaced Dimension’, ‘Battlefield’ and ‘Voel je die Bass’ couldn’t be missed from this set. The moment when they played ‘The Voice Of Mayhem’ was really cool if you ask me. Everybody shouted their lungs out to the lyrics and the vibe was incredibly good.

angerfist creed of chaos party reportAt this moment we were already halfway through this fantastic night. So far the atmosphere was sick, the lights and lasershow was beyond great and the music was finger-licking good. The next track was one that’s featured on the new album: ‘Gangsterizm’. It got the crowd moving and set the tone for the rest of the set. ‘Sei2ure – Suck My Dick’ and one of the best tracks from the previous album got played: ‘Just Like Me’.

Because of all the chanting and dancing, my legs started to feel quite heavily. The last part of the night had arrived and so I decided to take it a little bit easier. But when it was time for Denekamps Gespuis, I gladly joined the crowd again and I didn’t regret it at all: ‘Gas Met Die Zooi (Tha Playah Remix)’ was played at the moment I entered the stage.

‘Gas Met Die Zooi’

One of the last sets of the night was Angerfist vs. Partyraiser. Around 5 o’clock I noticed that the area got a little bit more quite and you were able to walk freely on the sides of the dancefloor. The very two last sets of the night the masked hardcore DJ played together with Le Bask and Drokz & Akira and during those sets the BPM flew over your head. It resulted in phat and rapid terror. After the show Angerfist took the chance to tell the audience that this was the highlight of the evening. Eventually the night was closed down with – how could it be otherwise – the anthem of the night. Angerfist and Nolz were thanked for their performances and so it all came to an end.

angerfist creed of chaos party report

Conclusion Angerfist – Creed of Chaos

Let’s begin with the fact that I had a fantastic night. The show was absolutely on point. All the lights, lasers and fireworks caused a night full of great experiences. Everything was well set up and the waiting lines were quite short (or not present at all) during the whole evening. The only downside was that the floors were really slippery at the end of the night. I experienced this before at the same venue at other parties, so I was prepared for this. The new album received a great and warm welcome by all the present hardcore fans. The atmosphere was mainly really good and at the end of the night we were ‘hakking’ together with the security guards in the front. On to the next Angerfist event!

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De hele avond kunnen genieten van een geweldige show. Het nieuwe album klonk zoals verwacht heel vet en de sfeer was super.

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