A unique location and big line-up: this was the debut of TITANIUM Festival – The Hardcore Saga

Shenna van der Velden
By Shenna van der Velden

The sun is shining, the drinks are cold and there is a massive line-up: it’s finally time for the very first edition of TITANIUM Festival. The festival season has started and together with thousands of other gabbers, we had an unforgettable day. This was TITANIUM Festival – The Hardcore Saga 2019. 

It was the first edition of TITANIUM Festival and the event was held at a very special location. The festival was place right under a highway in the middle of The Netherlands, how awesome is that! I have been looking forward to it for weeks and I was getting more and more nervous as the weeks passed by. But now it was finally time for the debut of TITANIUM Festival.

“Put your Air Max on and go!”

That moment when you walk towards is something weird actually. The nerves take over your entire body, you hear the music on the background and you just can’t wait when you enter the festival. Once arrived at the entrance of TITANIUM, everything went very smooth. They scanned our tickets right away and also the security search went really fast. Now the other things: locker, coins, hand fan and a quick visit to the toilet, before we can finally can go wild.

After getting a cold beer first, we decided to check out the mainstage. All stages were placed close to each other, a perfect and intimate floorplan. Re-Style is performing at the main when we entered the festival grounds. The mainstage was absolutely beautiful and there is enough space for everyone to have a ‘hak’. We immediately felt that this was going to be a sick day and we were getting more and more excited. After this, we went to explore the festival grounds: so up to the frenchcore. We arrived when Sprinky was performing for a full crowd and the atmosphere is great.


“I love frozen yogurts”

Up to the next one: BKJN Future. Artists such as Hard Effectz and Trespassed were about to perform here. We had already heard that the stage was a ‘bus’, but what does this exactly mean? The rumors were true: the stage was literally a bus. Unfortunately, it was very small and not the most ideal stage because the sound system was not very good as well. Too bad, because I really wanted to hear the brand new track ‘With My Team’ by Trespassed. But that was not going to ruin my day, so I had decided to buy a frozen yogurt and this was delicious though.

Meanwhile, it was time for Shock-N-Destroy, a brand new live-act formed by Cryogenic and System Overload and I really have been looking forward to it (Cryogenic is my biggest hero). And my biggest wish became reality, since it was one of the best sets I have ever heard. After that, there were artists such as Chaotic Hostility, MBK album showcase, SpitnoiseNSD vs Cryogenic and €LIT€ . I wanted to see them all, because uptempo is my tempo!

“Is it already this late?”

Time flies when you are having fun and so we prepared ourselves for the last couple of hours. When we looked in the mirror at the toilet, we found out that we were very dirty by all the dust and sand. But there was nothing to do about that. One thing that the organization took care of were the attractions, and they were even for free! At first, we went to the ferris wheel en it gave us a beautiful view over the festival grounds. Also we were able to see that no one less than frenchcore hero Sefa was performing at the mainstage. It was amazing to see everybody dance, while we were high up in the air.

“The oldskool tunnel rave is back!”

The other attraction was close to the early hardcore area, hosted by Ghosttown. The stage was under the highway and really gave us that typical oldskool feeling. It was one of the best things that I have ever seen at a festival. Wondering further around, we went to The Vizitor vs Vandal!sm, and this was a perfect combination. It was already 10 o’clock and most of the stages (besides the early hardcore) were closing, so we went to the mainstage for the final closing.



It was time for Peacock in Concert LIVE, one of the many exclusive acts at TITANIUM Festival. A very special act with a lot of instruments and other things. There was a magical atmosphere when they played their famous tracks. The last half an hour: DRS LIVE. He took care of a very hard end and that was amazing. I had goosebumps when everybody called “DRS! DRS! DRS!”, real warriors!

Also the organization had provided a lot of fireworks, lights and lasers. But then it was 11 o’clock and the festival was over. Together, we made it an unforgettable day.


BKJN and Dance 2 Eden did everything they could to make this a wonderful day. There was a great atmosphere and a big line-up for the real hardcore fan. But the sound should be better tuned and the BKJN Future stage deserves a upgrade. It was an unique location and I really enjoyed myself. Food, drinks, attractions and many more, it was all very well arranged. TITANIUM Festival, I can’t wait for the next edition and until next year!

Footage by Facebook page TITANIUM Festival 


  • LINE-UP100%
  • SOUND75%
  • STAGE85%
  • SHOW90%



TITANIUM Festival is a new party at my wish list. The atmosphere, music, drinks and location and many more: this was amazing, especially since it was the first time. See you next year!


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