A word with Lady Dammage about her new album: Coredoom

Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

If there’s one lady out there who took the hardcore scene by storm over the last couple of years, it has to be Lady Dammage. The Spanish hardcore female rocked the dance floors all over Europe with her high paced hardcore and has worked on her brand new album for over a year. Now that it is finally released, we decided to catch up with Paula about her career and of course her latest release: “The scene definitely needs to improve on quality.”

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It was only last year when she played at her first major festival in The Netherlands and now she’s playing on every event. Thunderdome, Defqon.1, Hardshock and many others are among the list where Lady Dammage has performed. “Playing at Harmony of Hardcore at the Ravezone stage was one of the most memorable moments of my career so far. That and the BLACK stage at Defqon were both fantastic.”

“190 to 200 BPM is my comfort zone”

Obviously Lady Dammage did something good and she got picked up quite fast into the hardcore establishment. “I don’t know actually why my career took off this fast”, she confesses. “One thing that definitely stood out was my ‘Car test’. I started doing these in 2015, because hearing your track in the studio is very cool, but testing your track in the car speakers while you drive is even better! They went completely viral and a lot of people recognize me thanks to that videos.” Also music wise it went great with her. “It all started with my track ‘Confession’, which was played at major stages thanks to Partyraiser and other artists. Since then my career went completely crazy, but 2017 has been my best year so far. I visited many countries, played all over the world, met awesome people and received a lot of love from supporters. That makes me feel so happy.”

When we ask Lady Dammage what makes her different from other artists, she answers: “I’m not better than anyone, that’s for sure. I think the fact that I’m Spanish, young, that I combine heavy kicks with catchy vocals… Maybe that’s the point. I don’t think I was the first female uptempo artist, but one of the firsts, yes. I just started at the point where uptempo hardcore started to grow.”

lady dammage interview coredoom album

Growing it did indeed. Uptempo hardcore got more and more popular by the day and Lady Dammage contributed to that. “I did a lot of releases in 2015, I released like 15 tracks and at the end of the year I thought: ‘Why not an album?’ But I had the feeling that I wasn’t ready. I needed to learn more, improve my production skills and the quality of my tracks. Meanwhile I released some EP’s, collabs and remixes and at the end of 2016 I said: ‘OK, now I’m ready to work on a full album.’ I did it and here I am!”

“Coredoom is for sure the biggest thing I did so far”

So here she is. All the hard work resulted in her debut album Coredoom, which has 14 powerful tracks with different vibes, but all in Lady Dammage style: “I combine heavy kicks, with dark melodies and catchy vocals. You can play my tracks in a mainstream set and it fits. You can play my tracks in a uptempo set and it fits too, also in more underground parties. I do a lot of tracks with female rappers vocals (I love Nicki Minaj), normally between 190 and 200 BPM. That’s my BPM comfort zone, haha.”

Although the release got a little bit delayed (“The first designer messed everything up”), Lady Dammage is delighted with the result. Coredoom contains several solo’s, remixes and also collaborations with artists like D-Fence, Drokz and Andy The Core. “I’m truly honored to have worked with all of these artists. For me they are not only colleagues, but I’m also their fan. I just love their music. But it was so difficult to find time to work together with them. I’m a person who works a lot – I have my own languages school in Spain, so I have to be there everyday making sure the kids learn what they need to. And I’m also still studying at the university and that means exams and a lot of work. Trying to find time was the most difficult thing ever. I used to sleep between 2 and 3 hours per day. Also the other artists are really hardworking persons, so it was difficult to schedule our agendas to make the collabs.”

Besides that, it has been quite a turbulent year for the Spanish hardcore DJ. She was raised with hardcore because her dad was a hardcore head himself. “Hardcore means everything to me. I grew up listening to hardcore thanks to my dad and he’s the reason why I started making music in the first place. But he got very ill and can’t realize how far I arrived with my music. My mum shows him my videos and he also asks me to put my music in his phone. He listens to my tracks everyday, but a few moments later he doesn’t remember it anymore. He simply enjoys the music… Degenerative illnesses are very hard, especially for the ones around. But I’m sure that he would be very proud of me.”

“The fans have been very patient with me and I’m thankful for that”

Throughout the week its all about teaching, studying and producing. Over the weekends she travels all over Europe for gigs. But Lady Dammage’s bucketlist is not even close to complete yet. “I would love to play at Masters of Hardcore or Dominator one day. Also playing in South America, Australia and Japan are goals that I would like to achieve one day.” Her album makes that dream come a little bit closer. Coredoom is something unique according to her. “It’s fresh. Every track of the album has a different style, a different kick, and a different melody. And no track sounds the same, not even one.” It difficult for her to answer the question when we ask her what her favorite track of the album is. “But if I had to name one, it would be my collab ‘Dead End’ with Deterrent Man. That melody gives me goosebumps every time I play it.”

Wrapping up this interview, we have one question left for Paula. With lots of bookings coming, you would think that it would come in handy to live in The Netherlands. Does she have any plans to move to the motherland of hardcore? “I would love to but I’m not going to do it. At least for now! I can’t leave my mum alone with my dad’s illness. Family comes first.”

Lady Dammage’s album Coredoom is released on Darkside Unleashed and is available through their web shop – get your hard copy here. The digital release of the album is available at Hard Tunes.

lady dammage coredoom album interview


  • Bob Douglas 27 November 2017 - 21:55

    I love the music & im not usually a hardcore fan??
    You already have a fan base & it can only get bigger.
    I love it i am now 70 years old.


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