All information about Thunderdome 2019 has been announced

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

The organisation has finally announced all of the information about Thunderdome 2019. After the countdown of this huge news about the return of the event started last week, the official date, location and start of ticket sales for Thunderdome have just been revealed at 20:19.

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Thunderdome is the place to be for gabbers, and returned in 2017¬†for a spectacular celebration of its 25th anniversary. Luckily this wasn’t your last chance to be a part of the event, since the second return of Thunderdome was announced last year: “See you in 2019!” After months of waiting and teasing, you can now finally mark your calendars for Thunderdome 2019!

Thunderdome 2019 returns to the Jaarbeurs

Thunderdome 2019 will take place Saturday the 26th of October at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. The first tickets are for the ones who visited the Die Hard Day, they have now received a voucher with a code. The second round starts on the 27th of February for the ones with a registered Thunderdome tattoo. On March 27th, the Early Raver pre-registration will follow. The complete line-up will be revealed soon!

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