Angerfist about Creed of Chaos: “As long as it’s about chaos, it’s OK with me”

Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Whenever you say hardcore, you say Angerfist. With bookings all over the globe, a respectable listing in the DJ Mag Top 100 and a career of almost 20 years, the masked DJ has opened door after door in the hardcore scene. He recently dropped a brand new album, consisting of 2 CD’s with 32 tracks at his eponymous event: Creed of Chaos. Stating: “I think it’s important to think outside of the box”, we had the opportunity to sit down with Angerfist, to speak about his event and latest production.

After Raise & Revolt, The Deadfaced Dimension, Retaliate, Mutilate and Pissin’ Razorbladez, the new Creed of Chaos album marks the 6th(!) album created by this eminent act who hails from the east of The Netherlands. “The biggest challenge when you’re making an album is that it really has to sound like a brand new album, production-wise and creatively”, says Angerfist. He’s quite satisfied about these aspects within ‘Creed of Chaos.’ “Sometimes you can stare yourself blind to details in tracks, which will not benefit the vibe eventually. A good hardcore track holds a large amount of energy and most importantly, a phat atmosphere. The hardcore world knows various types of styles, but eventually we are one big scene. The album represents lots of these sub-movements, with an Angerfist flow.”

“I kept on doing my own thing”

There’s one key element in an album according to Angerfist, which he states is faith in chaos. “I might be the last person who has an affiliation with religion, but as long as it’s about chaos, it’s OK with me, haha. The atmosphere of the album is generally pretty grim and this concept began taking shape during the creation process. It wasn’t like I knew from the beginning how it all would end up sounding. I’m happy with the result and it has become a totally different project compared to my previous albums.”

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Although the album was released only recently, the Masters of Hardcore DJ surprisingly gave a sneak preview at his exclusive album showcase in Amsterdam last week. “I wanted to do something special for a select group of dedicated Angerfist fans. It was cool to see how humble the people were. Also, the first response online and during the premiere turned out to be really good. The dancefloor got teared up and the feedback by colleagues and fans was honest and positive.”

With that many albums to his name, you would stop to wonder if Angerfist has done anything different compared to his previous albums. “The approach wasn’t that different this time to be honest. You’re mostly in some kind of vibe during the making of a new release; it feels like some sort of snapshot with a duration of 3 months, haha. You’re digging some kind of vibe or sound, which leads to new inspiration for another track with the same angle. And so it starts to roll and sets the tone for the album.”

‘Angerfist opens doors all over the world for the hardcore scene’

When we asked him to describe his style, he answers “Hardcore is supposed to be hard of course.” During the premiere, people spoke of Angerfist using ‘Creed of Chaos’ to showcase what authentic hardcore is supposed to be like. “Hard and dark, but certainly aimed for the dance-floor. A rousing kick and catchy melodies; those elements go hand in hand and I think that’s the power in hardcore music. Everything is allowed; whether it’s 160 or 250 BPM. As long as the essence is hardcore, let’s keep that openness and creativity this way”, he told us wisely.

Not only are there a lot of solo tracks featured on the release, there are also quite a few surprising collabs on there as well. “I wanted to work with people who I haven’t collaborated with before for this album”, explains The Man Behind The Mask. With artists from outside of the hardcore scene, Angerfist always knows how to brew something hard out of it. “Each collab is quite different from the other and I’m very pleased with what we’ve done with those tracks. A nice, sad atmosphere in the collab with Ophidian has something else than a shitload of testosterone in the collabs with Tripped, Radical Redemption or the 250 BPM noise maker with Bodyshock. The track with Akira is more focused on rough breaks and dope edits/tricks. Or with Radium it’s always that funky electronic rock ‘n roll sound. Or the collab with Mad Dog; it’s quite diverse with its typical millennium sound. But if I have to pick one as my favorite, it would be ‘Gangsterizm’ with I:Gor. That one is just boss.”

Angerfist is known for the fact that he represents almost everything that hardcore has to offer. “I think it’s important that you think outside the box. If you don’t, you’ll take the creativity and rebellion out of it. Every once in a while I think it’s dope to create a bold or out-of-the-box track. If you hear the crowd cheering when the kick drops, it develops an elevated atmosphere in the crowd. You’ll see a mass of people dancing to a track that barely anyone knows. Then you know you’ve got yourself a real banger.”

In terms of which talented artist is going to be the next thing is hard to predict for him. “But I do think that hardcore is changing in general. There are loads of original, cleaner kicks and ideas coming by recently, that work excellently on the dance floor. I also expect a return of the typical millennium riffs and sounds in the near future.”

“Own events always have that special vibe”

Creed of Chaos is about diversity and his own event proves that point once again. On the 2nd of December Angerfist released his album officially in the AFAS Live in Amsterdam. During the night he played for six hours with other artists, like I:Gor, Le Bask and Drokz & Akira. This led to some rather unique b2b sets. “All these names are heavyweights in their genres (industrial, frenchcore, terror) and so they couldn’t be missed in the line-up. Apart from Drokz I’ve never played with these bosses before. It’s was sick.”

angerfist interview creed of chaos album event afas live amsterdam

Together with organization Art of Dance, the Dutchman pulls out all the stops for the launch of his album. “The visitors can expect a massive production with a show and sound on point. A stage packed with real Angerfist devotees and fans that are coming for only one thing, which is partying to the fullest.”

“This was a night to remember”

After almost six albums, twenty years in the hardcore scene, bookings from India to America and the 40th position in the DJ Mag Top 100, you can imagine that Angerfist has been through enough. But does the number one hardcore DJ get nervous for his own Creed of Chaos event? “An event like this always has a special kind of vibe”, Angerfist admits. “Lots of visitors attended to embrace the typical Angerfist sound, so we had to go all-out – which we definitely did! I see it as a showcase for all the Angerfist years, celebrated with followers, fans, colleagues and friends.”

The new Creed of Chaos album is available through the Masters of Hardcore store. Also available on other download or streaming portals.

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