Angerfist about the growing scene and his live-act: ”Hardcore has deserved to spread all over the world”

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

This week they will be in 013 in Tilburg, starring as headliner for Legends XL: Angerfist LIVE. As true legends, Danny and Minne have been number 1 in the hardcore scene for years now. We talked to Angerfist and MC Prozac about the upcoming performance, hardcore internationally and future plans. 

For Legends XL, they will perform a live-act as Angerfist, which of course promises a legendary set. The live-act is very different in comparison to a normal Angerfist set. ”A live-act consists only of your own productions and collabs. We cut the tracks so they are shorter, and make the fast transitions in a megamix style. With Ableton we can add sample loops, unexpected build-ups, drops and effects which gives the set much more energy.”

The biggest difference between a live-act and a regular set is Minne, also known as MC Prozac. He has been on stage with the live-act ever since day one. ”Minne is there to entertain the audience, create chaos on stage, moshpits, stagedives, alcohol abuse and more demolition, haha! After so many years on stage we perform like a well-oiled machine. The build-up is of course also very important with a live-act: the goal is to, in a relatively short time, keep the vibe tight and to get the most out of the audience.”

”The reaction from the crowd on your set can really be a trigger”

Since it’s a Legends party, you can definitely expect some old Angerfist tracks as well. ”We often spin the old bangers in live-acts, and this edition it won’t be any different. Some tracks never seem to get old and continue to be fun to play. Probably for this performance, considering the concept of the party, we’ll mix more old tracks.” 

The line-up for Legends XL consists of the biggest DJs in the scene, among them DJ Mag-sharer Miss K8, Tha Playah, Mad Dog & Noize Suppressor. Danny also gets his inspiration out of these artists. ”You can get inspiration out of so many things. It could be a track, but also the atmosphere at an event can give you so much new inspiration. When I gave away a nice show and the feedback of the audience was great, I get super excited to get in the studio the next week. The reaction from the crowd on your set can really be a trigger. Also music from other artists can give you new ideas. An example is when I was listening to some old tracks last week, I came across ‘Nosferatu – The Underground Stream’ and I got an awesome idea to do something equal. I immediately went to the studio and acted on it.”

This year, Angerrfist made history for the hardcore scene: with number 29 he came in highest as any hardcore DJ ever did in the DJ Mag Top 100. Furthermore, Danny has been anything but quiet and has made it a trend to release an album almost every year. He also has visited many continents this year: among others, Australia, America and Asia got to enjoy Angerfist’s sets. Because of this, Danny got to experience the growth of hardcore internationally.

”In real hardcore countries such as Germany, Spain and especially France you can tell the scene is booming, venues sell out and the party’s get wild. Also in other countries, in which the scene is a bit smaller, the atmosphere at events is amazing and most of all dedicated. You also see there is a continuing growth in the amounts of visitors. Each country has its own movement, events and especially its own vibes. It’s a healty, and in my opinion well-deserved, growth that hardcore has spread itself around the world and still can spread in new countries. In Asia there is a big, new development in dance music and the harder styles. Countries such as China, Taiwan, Myanmar and Thailand are providing more and more harder names and the future is looking very bright.”

”An album can leave you feeling drained in the period after”

In 2018 there have been many releases: Angerfist created the Masters of Hardcore anthem ‘Tournament of Tyrants’, the collab with System Overload ‘Hustlers’, and a couple of weeks ago we could enjoy the new ‘Creatures’”After the Creed of Chaos album it has been a relatively ‘quiet’ year considering releases. An album can leave you feeling drained in the period after, which makes it nice to focus on shows and tour dates instead on the studio. Nonetheless, there have been some nice collabs with Radical Redemption, Nosferatu, Miss K8, System Overload, Warface, N- Vitral, Stereotype, Angernoizer The Satan and the remix of Lil Jon x Skellism x Terror Bass ‘In The Pit’.” 

For 2019 there are also a lot of collabs scheduled. ”The collabs with Miss K8, Stereotype and ‘Bare Knuckle Fist’ with N-Vitral will come out early 2019. For the past 2 months I have been more active again, and I have more inspiration. There are some other collabs and remix planned, but in 2019 the focus will lie mostly on solo tracks.”

The last couple of years, Angerfist has released quite some albums: in 2014 he came out with The Deadfaced Dimension, in 2015 with Raise & Revolt and in 2017 with Creed of Chaos. Whether this means we can expect a new album in 2019, Danny cannot tell us yet. ”I have some big plans for 2019, but I have to leave it at that.” He can let out something small about the planning. ”We are thinking about following an advanced course for ‘frying frikandellen’ in 2019. It seems a bit out of our league, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Legends XL will take place this Saturday, the 15th of December, at 013 in Tilburg. Tickets are still available via the official 013 website. 

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