Angerfist and Miss K8 announce brand new EP: ‘Impact’

Bob Ligthart
By Bob Ligthart

After many successful collaborations, Angerfist and Miss K8 are now adding another one to the impressive discography.  The DJs have announced that they’ve made an EP together, which can be heard quite soon.

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Hardcore artists Angerfist and Miss K8 have joined forces again. They made that clear by posting a photo on their socials with the text: “Coming soon.” This is about their new EP Impact and it’s definitely not the first time they’ve made such a production, since the release of Divide & Conquer in 2012.

In the past, Angerfist and Miss K8 have already proven this combination can work very well. They ended second in the Masters of Hardcore Top 100 in 2016 with their collab ‘Bogotá’ for example. Miss K8 did win that year with her anthem of Masters of Hardcore ‘Raiders of Rampage’.

The two already released both an own EP this year and this productions were very different from each other. Remix Retribution from Angerfist included seven remixes of his tracks, made by other artists. The EP from Miss K8, Up In Smoke, had only one solo track and a remix from N-Vitral on it.

New EP Angerfist and Miss K8 ‘Impact’ is coming

The EP is announced, but it’s not clear yet when this will be released. To stay up to date about this production, go to the Facebook pages of the DJs.


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Coming soon…

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