Angernoizer & Cryogenic talking about teaming up again: ”New tracks coming up”

Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

Angernoizer and Cryogenic were destroying the YELLOW stage at this years’ Defqon.1 together and the crowd went nuts. No wonder that this explosive combination is called for a collaboration. His new Instagram post indicates that it might be on the way already.

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Angernoizer seems to be in the right flow at the moment. He announced his second album two weeks ago, which is coming out next year as well as several collabs. Now his new post on Instagram makes it look he’s also teaming up with Cryogenic. Back in 2016 they did a remix of DJ Paul Elstak’s track ‘Bad Girl’ for his Offensive Mini Album, since then they didn’t bring out another track together.

“Sexy talk with bea, new Angernoizer & Cryogenic tracks coming up”

The photo on Instagram shows Angernoizer and Cryogenic looking unusual concentrated while the caption says “Sexy talk with bea, new tracks coming up”. In an earlier interview, Cryogenic talked about doing an mini-album together with Angernoizer. But when this is going to be released, is not known yet.

Footage taken from Instagram page Angernoizer

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