Artists distance themselves from German event Innerforce. ‘’We don’t think that it will take place’’

Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

On Friday, 6th September, the first edition of the German event Innerforce will happen. You find names like Noisekick, The Sickest Squad and Ophidian on the line-up. The brand new hardcore festival is planned to take place at Xpost in Cologne. But is everything going right over there?

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CONCRETE Agency, where you can book artists like Ruffneck and Ophidian, just posted on their socials that they completely set apart from Innerforce. ‘’Please be informed that all artists of CONCRETE Agency will not perform at Innerforce on September 6. 2019! Innerforce didn’t follow our agreements and their communicating is very poor. We no longer believe this event will even take place. It’s a big disappointment for the German dance scene and for all the people who bought a ticket for this event.’’

DJs inform fans about their absence of Innerforce on their socials

After CONCRETE AGENCYs post, DJs like Ruffneck and Noisekick informed their fans that they won’t be present at Innerforce. Furthermore, the Facebook Event got deleted in the meantime. Apart from the fact that various DJs and labels have renounced the event, the location is also not informed about this slightly ‘strange’ event. However there are still tickets for sale online, so better be warned!

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