BKJN announces second edition of Religion

Shenna van der Velden
By Shenna van der Velden

BKJN has just announced through their socials that there will be a second edition of Religion. Also the event will take place in the ‘holy church’ this year. 

Religion was the first hardcore event ever in a church. Last year the event was a big success, the tickets were sold out in no-time. The event is very exclusive because of it’s unique location: the St. Jan Church in Roosendaal, this means that you can party and overthink your sins at the same time.

When the line-up for the event will be revealed is unclear. However, BKJN will do everything to make the event harder than the rest. “In the name of: the father, the son and our holy gabbers. Amen”

BKJN comes with new edition for Religion 2019

Religion will take place at Friday 19 April 2019. Ticketsale starts next Saturday at 2 March 2019 13.00 hour via the official site of the event. 

Photo by Facebook-page BKJN events

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