Chaotic Hostility announces brand new EP

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Yesterday, the masked Chaotic Hostility announced the two men are coming out with a brand new EP. The release will already mark the third Chaotic Hostility EP at the Smash Records label.  

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The men announced this via an Instagram Story. Chaotic Hostility had its first performance back in 2015, and in the meantime the duo has already released five EPs and got to perform at countless of events such as Defqon.1, Decibel outdoor and Ground Zero. You can also frequently hear their well-known tracks ‘Yolo‘, ‘Gunz Blazing’ and ‘Helemaal Knettah‘ being blasted through the speakers. The brand new EP will contain the following two tracks:

‘Apologize to Nobody’

“It’s time for 300 BPM!”

The brand new EP is expected to be released in March, at the label Smash Records. Soon you’ll find the duo behind the booth at 200 BPM STYLE Invites BKJN, Footworxx and Royaal Kabaal, where you’ll probably get a sneak-peek of the brand new tracks.

Footage via Facebook-page Chaotic Hostility 

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