Core to the bone? You must go to Partyraiser vs. Dr. Peacock – Operation: Core!

Mark de Rond
By Mark de Rond

Next Saturday it’s all happening: Partyraiser vs. Dr. Peacock – Operation: Core. The biggest BKJN event until now will take place at Breepark in Breda. That’s why we have sorted 11 reasons why you can’t miss out on this event. 

1. 7 hours Partyraiser vs. Dr. Peacock

For the first time Partyraiser and Dr. Peacock will perform that long in a battle against each other. During this 7(!) hour lasting battle they will get support by a lot of other DJ’s. Both Partyraiser and Dr. Peacock have done an almost similar performance in the past. Partyraiser performed for 7 hours straight during BKJN vs. Partyraiser last year. Dr. Peacock performed for 6 hours non-stop in 2018 during Vive La Frenchcore.

2. The crowd always go mental during Partyraiser vs. Dr. Peacock

You know it just before their set starts. If these two lads perform together it’s just a matter of time before the crowd goes mental until the very last kick. Everyone goes nuts and the place will almost get torned apart with tracks and collabs like ‘Trip to Holland’. Imagine that for 7 hours straight!

3. The anthem of Operation: Core

As explained before, when Partyraiser and Dr. Peacock perform together everyone goes nuts. The two made some successful collabs in the past and now they’ve been working on something new. Yesterday they revealed there’s an anthem for this special night. We can’t wait to hear this new banger of Dr. Peacock and Partyraiser.

4. 13 special guests

During the battle of Partyraiser vs. Dr. Peacock, the two legends will get support from 8 other DJ’s. Among others N-Vitral, Angernoizer and The Sickest Squad will join on stage to make this party one to remember for a long time.

5. It will get busy in the DJ-booth

Partyraiser vs. Dr. Peacock vs. Destructive Tendencies vs. Rob GEE, all these artists will perform at the same time. It’s the first time that these guys will all perform together at the same time. So it’s not only an ‘operation: Core’ but a whole operation on his own to fit all these guys behind the decks.

6. Two live-acts

As if the line-up wasn’t good enough already, there will be two live-acts during that night. Dr. Peacock will perform live on his own. Partyraiser will perform in a live-act as well. He will hit the decks together with Franceso Marazzi, known as F. NøIzE, during Scarphase live.

7. Biggest BKJN event ever

Partyraiser vs. Dr. Peacock – Operation Core will be the biggest BKJN event in the historie of the organization. The event will house a stunning 12.000 core lovers. One big operation for BKJN, but seen their reputation, that will come to a good ending.


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8. Ode to the Core

During ‘Operation: Core’ all the forms of -core will pass. So prepare yourself for a night full off  frenchcore, uptempo-hardcore and all the other (sub-)genres! You really have to be ‘-core to the bone’ to survive this party. But no worries, you will love it within a minute when you enter this event.

9. Trip to Breepark

Because BKJN decided to organize the event in Breepark at Breda, we can add a new location for hardcore events to the list. A new location means a new trip to reach the location. Well, for Breepark you don’t have to search very long. Leave the highway (A27) at exit Bavel. From there it’s barely a 2 minute drive towards the parking spots of Breepark. You can even see the location from the exit of the highway, so you don’t have to search for a long time to find this location.

10. You have to feel that bass

Because Breepark is quite new, the facilities are on point. That’s also the case for the sound-system. People who have been there before say: ‘the quality of the sound is brilliant’. Breepark did get a lot of compliments online for their sound-system. So you will experience the bass in a perfect way!

11. ‘You’ll never rave alone’

The tickets for the event are selling fast, so you surely won’t be alone enjoying these fine sounds of Partyraiser and Dr. Peacock. Only regular tickets are available at this point. All the other tickets are sold-out.

Are you ‘core to the bone’ and do you want to go crazy at the 26th of January? Be quick to buy your tickets for Partyraiser vs. Dr. Peacock – Operation: Core. This is an event you simply can’t miss out on!

Photo by Masters of Hardcore

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