Cryogenic takes the raw hardstyle challenge

Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

Cryogenic is known for his fast uptempo music, but has now announced to try himself on a track at a slower BPM rate. With his colleagues Trespassed and Hard Effectz, he came to the idea of making a challenge by producing a track within the raw hardstyle genre.

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On his Facebook account, Cryogenic published the story about the challenge he and his DJ mates set up during a trip. “We had GPF aka Caine from hardstyle, who thought to make a joke of uptempo because he and maybe more from this scene probably (not sure) think that we are some stupid artists or whatever his/their intention was/is, so let’s make some raw…” He assumes that, from what he has heard so far, raw is “not more than downpitched uptempo” and that’s what he wants to prove. According to him, they want to approach this in a more serious way than Caine did it with his GPF project.

The uptempo producer released already tracks on labels like D.N.A. Records, Partyraiser Records, Offensive Records, Footworxx Records and played at many major events like Defqon.1, Decibel outdoor and BKJN vs Partyraiser. Fans are still waiting for some upcoming tracks with Angernoizer, eventually released on a mini-album.

Cryogenic goes ‘raw’

If the raw track will be a collaboration between Cryogenic, Trespassed and Hard Effectz or if all of them produce their own hardstyle track, isn’t clear until now. To stay up to date about this challenge, keep an eye on Cryogenic’s Facebook account.

Footage taken from Facebook page Cryogenic

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