D-Fence presents ‘The Viral Collection’

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Yesterday evening, D-Fence posted a teaser in which he announced ‘THE VIRAL COLLECTION’. This is a new project from the masked hardcore DJ, which will be released soon and it turns out that it’s going to be all about a brand new album. 

D-Fence has been anything but quiet this year: among other tracks, he came out with ‘Wall Of Bass’, ‘B.A.M.’, ‘Drugz in Ya Eardrum’ and ‘Vol Gas Met Die Bas’. He was also featured on the line-up for Tomorrowland and Dominator, and just a few weeks ago you could find him destroying Q-BASE. Now, the DJ seems to add another thing to this list before the end of this year.

The Viral Collection

D-Fence his first album will be released on the 9th of November. Pre-save ‘The Viral Collection’ on Spotify via this link and the collection will be on your account as soon as it’s dropped.

Footage via Facebook-pagina D-Fence

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