Deadly Guns announces new album: ‘The Chosen Ones’

Bob Ligthart
By Bob Ligthart

You probably didn’t miss that many hardcore and hardstyle DJs have been posting photos and videos that are linked to the so-called Lord Hades. After many hints, it just has finally been revealed that all of this is about big news from Deadly Guns.

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A few weeks ago, there was much confusion, because many harder styles artists posted the same video that was coming from a page called Lord Hades. After this video, many hints followed about the person who was behind this message and artists like Sefa, N-Vitral and NSD helped the anonymous DJ. They took a picture with a canvas, on which the picture could be seen that was also part of the video many DJs posted. Besides that there were also hints like. ‘The president wanted to build a big wall’ and ‘History shows that there are no invincible armies’.

Those last two clues point to tracks of Deadly Guns and he’s the man who’s behind this whole project. According to a video, which has just appeared online, it became clear the hints were about him. In this message the hardcore DJ came also up with a big announcement, since he will come with a brand new album. A couple of artists who helped him with the clues, will also help him with his upcoming production.

In 2017, Deadly Guns released his last album The Gunshow and now it’s time for the follow-up. This time, his production will go under the name The Chosen Ones: the WhatsApp groups in which appeared all hints about this production are now also called that way. Soon, there will come news and previews about the album in these groups to give the fans updates.

Deadly Guns will come with a new album: The Chosen Ones

So now it’s finally clear where all the mysterious messages around Lord Hades are about, but when Deadly Guns his new album shall release isn’t revealed yet. To stay up to date about his upcoming album, go to the Facebook page of the hardcore artist or follow the instructions of the Lord Hades Community page.

Photo by Facebook page Supremacy

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