Destructive Tendencies introduce their new uptempo act: ‘Nefarious’

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

The men from Destructive Tendencies have announced they will start with a brand new act this month: Nefarious. With this act, they will go back to their roots of the uptempo hardcore. 

Destructive Tendencies is a very well-known name within the hardcore scene. Their number 1 hits such as ‘Sound Becomes One’ are still being played to this day, but for now the men are introducing something brand new. With the uptempo act Nefarious they will go back to their roots…

“From the dawn of Destructive Tendencies, they had been heralded as one of the pioneers of the uptempo movement. Now due to high demand they return to their roots with this new high-octane project… Nefarious will be the culmination of everything Destructive Tendencies have learned from their musical journey, as they crank up the BPMs for those who can take the pace.”

“They return to their roots with this new project…”

The first Nefarious performance by Destructive Tendencies will take place during the grand Dominator Festival: here you’ll find the duo at the extreme hardcore area Chainsaw Tribe. For the very final Dominator tickets you can visit the offical website of the event.

Footage via Facebook-page Destructive Tendencies

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