Dither has come out with the brand new ‘Terminate’

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Today, Dither has come out with his latest track called ‘Terminate’. After a couple weeks of teasing on his socials, and already previewing his track during several of his performances, the brand new track has finally been released officially. 

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2019 started extremely well for Dither, since you were able to find him two times in the Masters of Hardcore Top 100 2018. With the track ‘The Prophecy’ he came in at number #93, and together with N-Vitral you could find Dither at an impressive number #71 with ‘Hammer Dance’. Now the latest ‘Terminate’ seems to be a good addition to Dither his 2019.

“Eliminate, Hallucinate, Incriminate, Abominate, TERMINATE!”

The brand new ‘Terminate’ has been released officially today, on the label The Third Movement. Soon you’ll find Dither at Hardcore4Life on the 23rd of February, where you will be able to enjoy his new banger of a track live.

Footage via Facebook-page Dither

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