DJ Promo: “Nowadays they make music for the public and no longer from the artist”

Shenna van der Velden
By Shenna van der Velden

One of the biggest artists from the hardcore scene is the legendary DJ Promo. He gives his opinion in a podcast of Elitepauper about among other the difference between the past and present: “The consumption of producing has become so fast.”

DJ Promo shows in the podcast ‘Ekte Verhalen’ of Elitepauper that the pressure has become enormous nowadays: “Every track has to be a hit these days, this was not the case before. Back in the days, one song had to be a hit, after this you could do 2 or 3 other things. This is different to the hardcore now, everything has to be hit.” 

Sebastian indicates that there was much more creative freedom in the past. You had plenty of time to think about a particular track and to make it the way you want. This is no longer the case, because of the advent and pressure of social media: “Everything is over-produced, to well considered, and there is no more track that made me think oh what are you doing now?” Everything goes viral nowadays on social media, this makes sure that the young generation artists now sometimes become victims of their own success, according to the DJ.

“Music is my passion”

The artist indicates that he has always stayed true to himself. “This is completely contradictory to what is happening now, but in my opinion, when I do something that is not real, so if I don’t support it for the full 100%, then success doesn’t work.” It is all about the music: “I am not standing for myself to be the man, I am at the stage to represent the music, because that is my passion.”

DJ Promo gives his opinion in Elitepauper podcast

The hardcore artist talks about several subjects such as the influence of social media, ID&T and 3 Steps Ahead in the podcast ‘Ekte Verhalen’. Check the full podcast down below the article, you can also find this podcast via different channels such as YouTube and at the website of Elitepauper. 

Photo by Facebook-page DJ Promo 

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