DJ The Prophet will come out with a ‘Wanna Play?’ follow-up: “Show your hakken moves in the ‘Get Dumb!’ videoclip!”

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Last year DJ The Prophet released ‘Wanna Play?‘, which by now has been blasted across all the grand harder styles mainstages. Fans of this track can get very excited, since there officially will be a follow-up! 

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DJ The Prophet has announced he will share the follow-up of the successful ‘Wanna Play?‘ soon: ‘Get Dumb!’. Since most of us are now at home due to the coronavirus, Dov introduces something to do for all gabbers. You can now record your very best hakken moves in a video and send it to The Prophet, after which you may be featured in the ‘Get Dumb!’ videoclip! Have a look down below to find out what you can do.

1. Put on The Prophet – Wanna Play?
2. Go crazy with your ‘hakken’ moves
3. Send in a video with these specs;

Length: max 30 secs
Format/size: 16:9 (LANDSCAPE mode), 4K
Send via:

“I want you to GET DUMB!”

We still have to wait and see when the new ‘Get Dumb!’ will officially be released. You can of course already make sure you’re featured in the videoclip. Also listen to a little sneak peek of the new track down below!

Footage via Facebook-page DJ The Prophet


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