Dominator grounds expanded for upcoming edition: “Some stages will have another, even better location”

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Dominator is the biggest hardcore festival in the world: thousands of lovers unite each and every year to enjoy everything hardcore music has to offer. This edition the festival grounds will even be expanded, according to the organisation… 

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“We are expanding our hardcore territory!” Can be found in the little Defqon.1 book. For the upcoming edition the organisation has expanded the grounds of Dominator Festival: the south side now has way more room for both music and chill spots. The organisation also announces some stages can be found at another and even better location, among which the Chainsaw Tribe area…

“As it becomes more and more popular each year, it’s about time to grow! This year the Chainsaw Tribe area will be better than ever. More space to go full power during sets of Partyraiser, Destructive Tendencies, F.Noize, DRS and many more.”

“A deafening sandstorm approaches with deadly speed. Just a few more days until 50,000 hardcore heads will invade our savage sands”

Dominator Festival 2019 – Rally of Retribution will take place next Saturday on the 20th of July at the E3-Beach in Eersel. Tickets for this grand hardcore festival are 100% sold-out. In the meantime, the timetable has been revealed as well and can be found underneath.

Footage via Facebook-page Dominator

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