Dr. Peacock got sick of flights: “I’ll never board an airplane again”

Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

The life of a DJ is now always about rainbows and sunshine. There’s loads of traveling involved and Dr. Peacock confesses to Dutch BNN-Vara’s Zembla that he’s suffering from aerotoxic syndrome, a health issue that can appear when you travel a lot by airplane. Dr. Peacock has not set a foot on board of an aircraft since 2016: “It makes me super sick.”

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“It all began with a little headache, but the health complaints got worse and worse”, says Peacock when the first issues appeared when he was traveling trough the airspace. “I thought it was because of something else, but at one moment I couldn’t handle it anymore. The connection with flying was obvious.” The health issues piled up and Steve, a.k.a. Dr. Peacock, came down with tiredness, memory loss, mood swings, dizziness, twitching eyelids, twitching corners of his mouth and cheeks, feeling of losing control, blacking out, butterfingers, shivers over his body, tenseness, panic attacks and concentration issues.

That’s quite a list, which made flying a total nightmare for him.

Dr. Peacock won’t set foot on airplane anymore: “It fucking sucks”

The frenchcore DJ ran different tests and what happened next was that he got strongly advised to stop flying. This means he’s not able to play at bookings in countries like America and Australia and needs to travel way longer for European gigs by car or train. “It fucking sucks, to say it like that”, reveals Dr. Peacock. His health issues are still at the surface at this very moment. “In February it was way worse. I have some better days now and my girlfriend supports me a lot.”

Peacock still wants to bounce back and not let is sink him though. “I want to feel better again and will not give up the fight. I’m that guy who wants to get the most out of the situation. I’m still on a roll with my music, my schedule is quite packed and I keep doing my thing anyway.” Read the full interview with Dr. Peacock right here – in Dutch.

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