Drokz ‘cure for the virus’ mix: “Since we can’t party because of corona, I’ll bring the party to your homes!”

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Now that everything revolves around the coronavirus and there are no events being organised anymore, none other than Drokz decided to post a ‘cure for the virus’ mix. “I still want to share my noise with the terror heads. Since we can’t party because of the fucking corona, I’ll bring the party to your homes!”

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Grandpa Drokz released his album Defender of Terror at the end of 2019, after which he announced to take a break. Now that he’s halfway into this break Drokz has created a lot of tracks, which he wants to share with all terror heads. “I’ve completely distanced myself from the scene and only sporadically listen to new music. And I feel great, relaxed, I’m making exactly what comes to mind!”

And this shows in the new ‘cure for the virus’ mix, which consists of new material, tracks of the Defender of Terror album and tracks that didn’t make the album like ‘I’m Feeling Haunted’‘Je bent toch niet doof’“Since we can’t party because of the fucking corona, I’ll bring the party to your homes.” Drokz also shares a little on the future of Hong Kong Violence, among which a scoop!

“In the near future the EP Hong Kong Hardknocks Volume 1 will be released on HKV (‘Karma’, ‘Stealin Yo Shit 005’ & ‘Laten we dronken worden’) and we’re planning to release part 2 before Harmony of Hardcore. Also I’m almost finished with a new Proactive HC track. And a scoop… Since the day before yesterday we decided to release remixes of the terror classic Akira & Metal D ‘Trancetrutje’ by Destroyer and Drokz on HKV.”

“One thing is certain, the next party is going to be something special”

You can now listen to the ‘cure the virus’ mix down below via YouTube, or via the SoundCloud of Drokz. Keep an eye on his Facebook to be kept updated on his latest news. To close down Drokz would like to say something regarding the difficult times we’re facing.

“I hope we’ll fight our way through this as fast as possible, and I hope everyone stays healthy. REALLY! One thing is certain: the next party is going to be special. And that’s what I’m focussing on.”

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