Drokz & DRS combine forces with collab: “Fuck the generation gap”

Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

One is a legend in terror music and the other a rising star with a combo of uptempo and harder. Nevertheless, Drokz and DRS decided to work together on a collab for the brand new DRS album, to merge their styles into one single track. We sat down with Drokz, who’s genuinely able to see beyond the (old school) surface: “The old generation shouldn’t be this stubborn.”

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It’s young versus old, but Drokz doesn’t give a crap about that. He thought it was time to meet with the young uptempo hardcore DJ, who has found his way towards the top in no-time. “After a swift meeting and mutual gabber friends like The Vizitor and Angernoizer, I decided to invite DRS at my house one day”, says Drokz. “Me, as a old veteran, and DRS as the new generation, were just having a few beers and I wanted him to listen to the foundation of terror.”

These two artists immediately hit it off and after a couple of beers it went pretty well between the two of them. “We’ve talked about music for hours and let him listen to ‘Kotzak’, ‘DOA’ and ‘Bloody Fist’. That’s real vinyl straight from the record box. He was up for that and that night was special, that’s why I’ve sent him a couple of tracks from my very own collection as well.”

“The wonderful thing about this story is that there doesn’t have to be a generation gap at all”, Drokz explains. He’s significantly impressed by what they’ve achieved. “If the old generation wasn’t that stubborn and the new generation would be open for the past… Then it results in mutual respect, like between me and DRS.” They decided to combine their sounds into one collab. “I’ve send him a draft that sounded a little bit old school-ish”, Drokz explains. “DRS made it even more old school, but with a modern twist to it. The final result is almost done and ready for his brand new album.”

A collab with a story: Drokz & DRS bridge the generation gap

Drokz and DRS prove that a old hand and a youngster do get along with each other. DRS already revealed a little teaser of their collab, but we’ll have to wait a little longer for the final result. The new album by the Triple Six-artist will be out in the beginning of 2018.

Cover images via Facebook pages Drokz and DRS

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