Drokz goes on DJ break after new album release: Defender Of Terror

Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

He’s a legend in the hardcore szene and known for his strong passion for terror music: Drokz. Grandpa, how he’s often called, will go on a DJ break for 6 months after being in the business for over 25 years. Right before, he’ll drop his new album: Defender Of Terror is coming out next month. 

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The Dutch producer has just revealed news about the upcoming production on his socials: “DEFENDER OF TERROR. December 6th. My new album.” He has also announced the album can be pre-ordered via Masters of Hardcore from 19th November on. “Hard work, aggression, sadness and some dancefloor smiles created this. It’s always a big thing letting an album go”, Drokz had shared recently. Furthermore, he explains that people can expect way longer versions of the tracks than what they know from parties: “For example, ‘The Vietnam War’ is a full 7 minutes story, while people hear on the dancefloor a maximum 3 minutes. Nothing blurred my vision. This is what I like and the rest is a bonus!”

The new album will be released just in time before Grandpa takes a 6-moths-break from his DJ life. “No, I’m not quitting. I’m just taking a break after 25+ years in the game”, the producer clarifies in his column in the Thunderdome Magazine. “The only exception I’ll make is Masters of Hardcore’s 25th anniversary.” Earlier this year, Drokz released a same-named EP on Noisekick Records: Defender Of Terror Volume 1. This EP contained two solo songs by him, as well as a track by the live act Creatures Of The Occult and a collab between Drokz, The Vizitor and Gyze.

Drokz is the Defender Of Terror

Drokz used #Akirahkv and #TheVizitor in his album postings, so by the looks they will be featured on Defender Of Terror again. The new album will be released on 6th December 2019 on Masters of Hardcore. You can pre-order it from 19th November on via the official MoH website. Check out Drokz’ socials to stay up to date.

Footage taken from Facebook page Drokz

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