Drokz is working together for a new act: ‘Proactive HC’

Bob Ligthart
By Bob Ligthart

Drokz and Sander Boulonois are joining forces for a new act to bring back hardcore at its purest. The men both have a very different role and are very clear about this. Proactive HC can be seen for the first time at the biggest hardcore festival of the world.

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Grandpa Drokz is a well-known name in the hardcore scene, but the name Sander Boulonois is not so familiar to many people. That’s because he worked a lot behind the scenes for organizations such as ID&T. Now, the two will form Proactive HC, where Drokz will work in the studio and Sander goes on stage as new kid on the block. “Combining the years of experience Drokz is bringing to the table, together with the fresh vibe of Sander, Proactive HC is here to stay”, is what the men tell.

This new act can be seen for the fist time at the terror stage of Dominator, House of Dragons. So the first booking of Proactive HC will be at the biggest hardcore festival of the world. “I won’t be playing a terror set, but expect a set that goes from 180 to 200 BPM. Just really hard hardcore”, says Sander.

Proactive HC: “We keep it real!”

The guys are really transparent about the fact Drokz will produce and Sander is the DJ at festivals. The duo posted a video of Dominator on their socials, where you can already hear one track of them. To stay up to date about this new act, go to the Facebook page of Proactive HC.

Photo by Facebook page Proactive HC

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