Drokz takes a break after the release of ‘Defender Of Terror’: “I leave an album behind of which I’m proud”

Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

A busy year lies behind terror legend Drokz. He had many performances, like on the Thunderdome mainstage, and had been working on his brand new album Defender Of Terror, which will be released this Friday. However, Drokz will go on a DJ break in the next months and has explained us why.

Drokz is that long in the business that he’s known as Grandpa in this scene. After he’ll release his new album and play at Snakepit this weekend, he will take a break – after performing for more than 25 years. “I’m difficult to get inspired right after the album. I also have no idea what I’m going to do. Maybe I’ll make a gabber / early mini album or some slower things, but it could also happen that I suddenly start making a speedcore mini album. All options are open. I’ll make a few tracks with Sander for Proactive HC.”

The terror DJ also mentions pressure from social media and states a break from that won’t hurt. I noticed that too often I got irritated about things I can’t get a grip on and I am a grumpy grandfather, but that should not get the upper hand.” However, he makes clear, that he won’t quit with his career: “I will definitely not stop, but just take a break of 6 months. So I’m going to rock with Akira on Snakepit and then the socials go silent.” For one party, he’ll make an exception and that’s no other than the anniversary of Masters of Hardcore: “I cannot and should not miss that, that was just not an option.” 


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Before taking a break, his new album Defender Of Terror will come out. According to the artist, the album barely contains radio versions, but way longer tracks than what people are used to hear on the dancefloor. “They have been conscious choices to make more narrative tracks instead of 3-minute fast food tracks. I also made it, but I did not opt for this album.” To explain his fans more about Defender Of Terror, Drokz has uploaded a video where he tells the story to each track (you can find the video down below).

Drokz had his first performance in 1992 and since then, he conquered the major hardcore stages, like the Thunderdome mainstage, Masters of Hardcore and Dominator and also released several albums. The terror producer is known for his strong opinion and clear statements and showed this last year in the series ‘Drokz Doorgehakt’, where he discussed topics about the scene, like social media and ghost producers. Furthermore, he recently could be seen in the ‘Thunderdome Never Dies’ documentary as one of the pioneers in hardcore music. Now, he says goodbye for 6 months with his latest production Defender Of Terror.

Drokz: “I leave ‘Defender Of Terror’ behind for my die-hard followers”

Drokz’ album Defender Of Terror will be released on Masters of Hardcore this Friday, 6th December 2019; the pre-order CD is already sold out. For now, his last performance will be during Snakepit on 7th December, before he takes his well-deserved 6-months break. You can keep your eyes on Drokz’ socials to stay up to date.

Footage via Facebook page Drokz

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