Drokz: “There is so much safe stuff out there and nobody speaks their mind”

Shenna van der Velden
By Shenna van der Velden

The one and only grandpa Drokz, who is a legend in the terror scene, has his concerns about being a rebel and having a own style. He shows this in a post on his Facebook and in his opinion there are not many artists which have their own style. 

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Previously Drokz could be seen in the series ‘Drokz Doorgehakt’ in 2018, in this series he made some statements about the scene and discussed several topics. He gave his opinion about things as the use of social media, ghost producers and discussions in the terror scene. In the last episode he explains that in a couple of years he wants to take a step back. “Now is time for the new generation”, indicates the terror DJ.

He is taking a step back by working with the new generation. For example, he collaborated with DRS, who has become an established name in the uptempo scene. “When the old generation isn’t obstinate and the new generation is open to the past… Then there will be respect, just like between DRS and me”, explains Drokz.

“Are they so afraid to lose bookings?”

Grandpa starts his Facebook post with: “How can it be that the older generation acts more rebelious then the younger generation?”  He says that so much stuff is the same in the scene and that only some few artists have their own style. “Sefa & DRS got their own styles, like it or not. So they are rebels in their own way.” 

He thinks that 2019 will be an interesting year. “Will the mainstream win again? Will uptempo remain it’s position? Will the industrial scene shift more towards techno? And will there be some young rebels saying fuck it all i do it my way?” Drokz will be remain faithfull to its own style and hopes everybody does this. “I hope it will stay like that… till some young dude comes and say i do it different. Just to fuck grandpa a little up.”

“Saying fuck it, I do it MY WAY”

The post on Facebook has a lot reactions. Many people, including some artist, agree with Drokz.

Photo by Facebook-page Drokz 

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