Drokz will come out with new EP and is working on a big project

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Your favorite grandpa Drokz is being anything but quiet and announced he is coming out with several things this year. Among other things, he will release a brand new EP and a collab together with Furyan. 

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He announced this via a post on his Instagram. In this post, Drokz explains there is a new studio coming his way, that he has some new terror tracks ready, that he will release a new EP at Noisekick Records and he is busy with a big hardcore project for 2019.

”2019…Thanks for all the messages! Now time to focus again on.. New EP ready for Noisekick records, unreleased terror tracks ready and a collab with Furyan pending.”

”A new hardcore project will take shape this year”

When the new EP will be released isn’t known yet. Also the release date for the collab with Furyan and what the big hardcore project will be, have not been shared yet. However, it’s clear we can expect a lot from Drokz in 2019!

Footage via Facebook-page Drokz

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