Dutch mayor calls for legalization of XTC

Mark de Rond
By Mark de Rond

Both the Dutch political group GroenLinks and the mayor of Breda, Paul Depla, are calling for the legalization of XTC. It’s not the first time there’s a discussion about legalizing the partydrug in The Netherlands.

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The mayor of the Dutch city Breda asks himself the question: “Why should I ban the (according to experts) less dangerous drug XTC while you can buy and drink alcohol everywhere even though it is addictive and worse for your health? I think we should care more about the users of the drugs and look after them when they are taking those drugs instead of punishing them”, he said during an interview on the radio with the morning show ‘Evers Staat Op’.

“We know gambling is addictive and it can ruin families, but we still accept it and even facilitate it; with the Holland Casino which is driven by the government”, he stated in an interview with de Volkskrant. “If the government wants to cut off the production of drugs like XTC in the criminal world, we need more than just a quality check. The government should give out licenses for producing the drug, so it can be done under supervision. That seems logical to me.”

“Give me one argument why alcohol can be legal while XTC should be banned?”

Lately the discussion about legalizing the partydrug is rising in Holland. Earlier, Dutch tv-host Arjen Lubach called for the legalization of XTC. He pled for this, while looking at a research which was done by the national institute for public health and environment.

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