Dutch State of Secretary: “Ketamine is more mainstream these days”

Shenna van der Velden
By Shenna van der Velden

The Dutch State of Secretary is very worried about drug use among young people. This involves highly educated young people between the ages of 20 and 25, who find the use of XTC and ketamine very normal. 

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The Dutch State of Secretary wants to stop this trend by using prevention. It is clear that the opinions in politics are very divided: some other political party in the Netherlands wants to legalize XTC. But the strength in XTC-pills will continue to increase. The Trimbos Institute and the WODC Institute (companies that research drug use among Dutch citizens) conclude this in an annual report on drug use.

No less than 90 procent of the tested pills have a too high MDMA level and The Netherlands remains the leader in Europe. According to the state secretary, people who use it are not aware enough of the risks.

Ketamine: from subculture to mainstream

The research also shows that the use of ketamine increases. According to the researches, the drug has shifted from a subculture to mainstream. 17 procent of the party people have ever used ketamine. The average amount of cocaine in the powder has increased. About 29 people will die an overdose every year.

Although there are risks to the use of hard drugs, tobacco and alcohol are still the worst and deadliest. Every year there are about 20.000 people who will die from direct consequences of smoking. There is also an average of 1800 deaths every year due to the use of alcohol.

“I want to counteract normalization, particularly by focusing on information and prevention”

What kind of information and prevention is still unknown for now. There are many discussions and different opinions about it, so we can say that politics are far from finished when it comes to legalization and drug use.

Photo by Facebook-page Shockerz  


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