Estasia announces her third album: ‘Lockdown’

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

None other than Estasia announced she is working on a brand new album: Lockdown. The third album from the well-known uptempo hardcore DJ will be released this year. 

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Estasia is truly anything but quiet: besides scoring bookings at big events like Harmony of Hardcore & Tomorrowland, in 2020 she will release a new album for the third year in a row. In 2018 Estasia came out with her debut album My Turn, after which in 2019 she introduced the successful follow-up No Brakes. She won’t stop in 2020, since she will release the brand new Lockdown: “Studio quarantine!”


We still have to wait and see when the new Estasia album Lockdown will exactly be released. However you can expect it this year! To be kept updated on the latest news you can keep a close eye on her socials.

Footage via Facebook-page No Man’s World Festival


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    Very nice! i like Estasia.


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