F.Noize asks for help from fans: “Please send me your videos, so I can check if there was someone on stage“

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

When you are DJing, you focus at your audience and your booth. You should not have to worry about getting robbed at the same time. F.Noize thought the same way, but unfortunately this resulted in someone taking his personal belongings. 

At Masters of Hardcore Switzerland, someone thought it was a good idea to climb onto the stage and take several items of F.Noize. Among these items was a SD-card that contained unreleased tracks of F.Noize and other artists. Hoping to find out more about what exactly happened, the DJ asked the visitors of the event to send hem videos of the set.

“Yesterday, during my set at Masters of Hardcore Switzerland, someone came on the stage and stole my headphone bag, my unique F.Noize towel, my custom earplugs a sd card of 32 gb from Trascendent  (with a lot of unreleased tracks from various artists including myself) and a sd cover box. 

Besides I’m angry as hell, I would like to ask you if you have any videos of myself or if you saw something during my set or if you heard or saw something about it after the party or on internet.“

More clarity

Thanks to the videos that F.Noize received, he was able to form a clearer picture of what happened that night. Someone climbed the stage where F.Noize could not see him, and passed on his bag to other members in the audience. De SD-card luckily fell out of the bag, and was found by another visitor. F.Noize will contact the organisation in the hopes of finding the thief. We hope the person will be identified!

Footage via Facebook-page F.Noize

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