F. Noize busy in the studio: “a new anthem is coming”

Shenna van der Velden
By Shenna van der Velden

F. Noize announced on his Facebook that he is working a lot in his studio recently. The Italian uptempo artist let his fans know that a lot new big thing are coming, like a brand new anthem. 

F. Noize is a well-known artist in the hardcore scene. He has familiar tracks as ‘Cold As Ice’ and ‘We Pep You Up’, also he performed on big stages: Dominator, Intents Festival and Harmony of Hardcore. We see him a lot with his friend Partyraiser, together they have a act called Scarphase.

It is not just the anthem, also he is working on a few new tracks and a CD that he is mixing for a forthcoming festival. For which event this will be is unknown for now, but he already gave some information about his new tracks. One track with 240 BPM is almost finished and most of the new tracks he will play at Masters of Hardcore.

F. Noize is working on a new anthem, tracks and CD mix

When the tracks or anthem will be released is a big surprise for the time being. Fans let F. Noize know in the reactions that they are very excited and can’t wait.

Photo by Facebook-page F. Noize

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