Frenchcore talent Sefa drops new track: ‘Follow’

Bas van Herk
By Bas van Herk

Frenchcore seems to be more popular than ever and we understand why. Artists like Sefa, signed at Peacock Records, are spreading the genre across the globe. After his set at Defqon.1, there is no chance of stopping Sefa anymore. Fans were going crazy on the sounds of tracks – including ‘Follow’ – during his performance. And for all those who have been waiting for the preview: it has recently been uploaded on YouTube. Check it out down below.

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Many fans admire Sefa because of his cheerful tracks with lots of diversity and hard frenchcore kicks. Also with ‘Follow‘ he accomplished to create a original frenchcore track once again. Fans responded with numerous of comments that they can’t wait for the track to be finally released.

This is the new track of Sefa: ‘Follow’

That’s why the talented artist revealed in the comment section underneath the video that the track will be released as a full version shortly. Also he tells the audience that he will come up with a brand new album in the nearby future. More information about this release hasn’t been revealed yet, but if you want to be in touch with Sefa and his activities, be sure to keep an eye out on his Facebook-page.

Cover photo via Instagram page Sefa

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