Furyan announces: “Album 2020 in progress”

Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

Charley Schrijn, better known as DJ Furyan, is coming with a brand new album next year. This is what the hardcore DJ published on his Instagram account: “Album 2020 in the works.”

Furyan – who is also part of the group Guerillas – wasn’t lazy in the past time for sure. Since last year, he went into the studio with a lot of other artists, such as Nosferatu and Tha Playah. Before, Furyan also released collabs with Angerfist, Partyraiser, Never Surrender, Drokx and even with the hardstyle duo Degos & Re-Done.

Charley, who’s signed by Neophyte Records, introduced apart from several collabs also a new live act last year. During Decibel outdoor 2018, he presented ‘Furyan presents Fatal Fields’ for the first time. Fun fact: Fatal Fields is a highly frequented spot in the popular game Fortnite, where from he got the inspiration for the name of the act. Furthermore, his track ‘Kokeen’ has meanwhile more than 400.000 streams on Spotify. Now he asked his fans on his Instagram account: “For my new album, who should remix ‘Kokeen’?”

Furyan: “Album 2020 in the works”

The exact release date isn’t known yet. His last album ‘Trail by Fury’ got released during Masters of Hardcore 2017, that means it’s about time for a new Furyan album. Keep your eyes on the hardcore DJ’s Instagram account to keep up-to-date about the upcoming production.

Footage taken from the official Art of Dance website

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