Furyan & Korsakoff combine forces with ‘Harmony’

Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

We had to wait for it for a while now, but you’re patience has been rewarded. Last night the new video clip by Furyan and Korsakoff appeared and with this is ‘Harmony’ now finally released. The festival season is still fresh in the back of our heads and this video takes you back on a journey to a couple of months ago, when the sun was shining and raves were outdoors. “Only a voyage across oceans of time and space, to the limits of the imagination…” Check out the video down below.

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The collab between Furyan and Korsakoff has been out for a while now, in April to be exact. Back then ‘Harmony’ appeared at Furyan’s debut album Trial by Fury. The track passed by at almost all the festivals last summer and got lots of attention, which results into a very own video clip now. It’s by the way not the first time that the Neophyte Records DJ is collaborating with Korsakoff. Earlier they worked together for their ‘A New Dawn’ track too.

This is the video clip by Furyan & Korsakoff: ‘Harmony’

‘Harmony’ is now released and available via Mastsers of Hardcore. Would you like to know more about Furyan and Korsakoff? Then don’t forget to check out their artist pages.

Cover images via Facebook pages Furyan and Korsakoff

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