Ground Zero reveals new stage: ‘Origins of Frenchcore’

Shenna van der Velden
By Shenna van der Velden

Ground Zero announced their last hosting for the hardest night festival of Europe. For this year they replace the freestyle stage for an (early) frenchcore stage. 

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The festival consists of 7 stages with all different hostings. The organization decided to replace the freestyle stage for (early) frenchcore this year. Last year uptempo en frenchcore was combined in one stage, but now all fans of frenchcore can go wild for 9 hours, that means non-stop partying. The full line-up will be announced in a short matter of time, but this are all stages for Ground Zero – Dark Elements 2019:

Mainstage – Hosted by Partyraiser
Noisekick’s Terrordrang
Origins of Frenchcore

Ground Zero 2019 replace freestyle through frenchcore

Ground Zero will take place at Saturday 31 August 2019 in Wilp. For tickets and more information you go to the official website of the event. 

Photo by Facebook-page Ground Zero

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