Happy birthday to you: Ruffneck

Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Partick van Kerckhoven, better known as DJ Ruffneck, celebrates his birthday today. The legendary producer has been in the scene for over 20 years and founded the label of Enzyme Records back in 2001. This label was a valuable addition to the scene since the very beginning and brought us numerous of important releases – including the Ruffneck releases and his aliases Juggernaut and Wedlock. Today the label owner will blow out one extra candle on his birthday cake.

After 20 years Ruffneck is still on a roll career wise. He played at the mighty Heroes of Hardcore-stage at Thunderdome last Saturday for example and recently he flew all the way to Japan for the Enzyme Tour. Nowadays he’s going through life without a mustache, but they even started a petition to get the hair on his upper lip back…

Time to congratulate Patrick and to thank him for all his input into the scene. We hope that we can enjoy his music for a very long time from now!

Diss Reaction – Jiiieehhaaaa (Ruffneck’s Deadzone Remix)

Juggernaut – Don’t Fuck With A Ruffneck

DJ Ruffneck – I’m A Ruffneck

Ruffneck & Miss Twilight – No Turning Back


Wedlock – I’m The Fuck You Man

Ruffneck & Ophidian – So Many Sacrifices

Wedlock – The Genesis

Ruffneck vs. Gancher & Ruin – Heresy

Wedlock – Acid Rain

Ruffneck – Wraith


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