Hardbouncer announces a brand new EP

Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

Footworxx artist Hardbouncer is already in the business for more than 10 years and played at several huge events. This year, he could be found on stages like Harmony of Hardcore, Tomorrowland and last month at the 15th anniversary of Pandemonium. Now, the uptempo DJ has announced a new EP for the beginning of next year.

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On his socials, Hardbouncer has just revealed the news about his upcoming production: “What if I told you I’m coming with a filthy hard new banging EP in January?” Two days ago, the producer already announced he’s busy making music at the moment. When he shared a photo from the first edition of Snakepit in 2016 playing his “pime time set” he added: “Time flies! Where did those times go that everyone waited in the front row for me? But don’t worry, this man is working twice as hard lately to fight back for his top spot. And let’s end this little sentimental text with an extra thank you to my dedicated fans who are the reason of me never give up!”

Hardbouncer: “I’m coming with a filthy hard new banging EP”

Hardbouncer’s new EP will be released on Footworxx in January 2020, but the name isn’t known yet. To stay up to date about the exact date and further information, keep an eye on his socials.

Footage via Facebook page Hardbouncer

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