Hardbouncer announces his second album: “Stay tuned fans!”

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Today, Hardbouncer announced he will start working on a brand new album. After his debut album This Is My Kicknature came out in 2018, we can expect a second musical collection coming from the Footworxx artist in 2020. 

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Now that everyone has to stay home as much as possible due to the coronavirus, artists have more time to work on new music. Also Hardbouncer announced he will be making a lot of new music in the upcoming weeks: “But, this is not going to be a hasty quarantine release. I’m going to take my time for it, so it’ll be ready when our good old rave life is back as well. So, the album will get the attention it deserves!”

Hardbouncer will start working on his second album

We still have to wait and see when the second Hardbouncer album will be released officially. To be kept updated on the latest news from the DJ/producer you can keep a close eye on his socials.

Footage via Facebook-page Hardbouncer


  • Honest Truth 02 April 2020 - 17:54

    Previous efforts were doo-doo.

  • TLC waterfalls 09 April 2020 - 10:51

    Why? Let’s be honest here we didn’t enjoy the previous one either. Or the EPs in between.


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