Harmony of Hardcore 2019 anthem by Ophidian is now available

Shenna van der Velden
By Shenna van der Velden

The organization of Harmony of Hardcore has announced that none other than Ophidian is responsible for this year’s anthem. You can already listen to a teaser of ‘Bring on The Orchestra’.  

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Many hardcore fans have been looking forward to it for months: Harmony of Hardcore. Tens of thousands of gabbers keep the Saturday before Whitsun free to go wild at 10 different area’s with artists as PartyraiserSefa and Drokz. With less than one month to go, Harmony of Hardcore has  revealed that no one less than Ophidian will make the anthem. Check it out in the preview down below. Previously, artists as Destructive Tendencies and Nosferatu were responsible for this.

Ophidian is making the anthem for Harmony of Hardcore 2019

‘The Orchestra of The Ultimate Hardcore Feeling’ will take place at Saturday 8 June 2019 in Erp. For tickets and more information you go to the official website of the event.

UPDATE 20/05:

The Harmony of Hardcore 2019 anthem is now available. Ophidan says that he’s happy with the result: “Almost time for Harmony of Hardcore. I hope you like this fusion of hard and classical/melodic elements. Bring on the festival season!” Check out the preview of the extended anthem by Ophidian right here.

Photo by Facebook-page Harmony of Hardcore

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