Harmony of Hardcore prohibits resell: “It was also a risk for us, because we don’t want to disappoint anyone”

Shenna van der Velden
By Shenna van der Velden

It is finally time for Harmony of Hardcore this weekend. Sometimes it may happen that you have to sell your ticket because you can’t go anymore. But the organization makes sure that this is not possible online: “We can’t guarantee you with a second-hand ticket.”

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Thousands of people will travel to Harmony of Hardcore every year for the ultimate hardcore feeling. There is always a chance that you maybe can’t go to the event for any reason for whatever and that you have to sell your ticket. Par-T, the organization of among other Harmony of Hardcore, makes sure that it is not possible to sell your tickets online. All tickets will be invalid on Ticketswap and other online selling points.

The reason for this is that the organization has to disappoint visitors every year when they come with non-working tickets at the entrance. Par-T wants to prevent trade: “It is no longer in our hands when people trade the tickets.” Also other organizations such as Minority Events and WiSH Events are working on this.

“We admit honestly, there is no good solution at the moment”

Par-T is searching for a solution together with their ticket provider. They are looking for a system which makes selling tickets possible and to have it in their own hands. The organization don’t want to disappoint people, but they have to do something. “We want to send a signal to the people who have other intentions with it, like buying many tickets to trade them.”

Harmony of Hardcore stops resale online tickets

It is always recommended to buy tickets through the official website of the event, but get your tickets fast because it will sell out in no time! Also for more information you go to the link of the website.

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Photo by Facebook-page Harmony of Hardcore

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