Have you voted hardcore into the DJ Mag Top 100 already?

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

The polls have opened once again! For the 26th year in a row, music lovers from all over the world can nominate their favorite artists for a ranking in the well-known DJ Mag Top 100, after which the results will be revealed during the Amsterdam Dance Event 2019, 

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Even though EDM DJs tend to dominate the DJ Mag Top 100, hardcore has been represented over the last couple of years as well. Especially the masked man Angerfist stands out greatly: ever since 2011 he has been in the list every single year, and in 2018 he even reached the highest place ever as an hardcore artist with a ranking at number 29.

Also the well-known Miss K8 has been doing very well in the previous lists: over the last couple of years she was the only hardcore artist who was able to accompany Angerfist in the DJ Mag. But, also Evil Activities came close to reaching the top 100 back in 2012, with a ranking at number 149.

“Vote hardcore into the DJ Mag Top 100”

Of course it’s possible to vote on all of your favorite artists, among others the much talked-about act GPF is trying to make it into the list this year. In order to vote hardcore into the DJ Mag Top 100, you can vote for your 5 favorite artists via the official website. Beware: this is only possible until Wednesday the 18th of September 2019.


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